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The concrete around your home is exposed to some rather harsh conditions from the sun, rain, foot traffic and so on. However, there is no other concrete that has a harder time than your driveway. Not only is it exposed to the weather and people just like your patio and pool might be, but it is exposed to something worse; vehicles. These two-ton machines are constantly wearing your driveway down as you drive in and out every day. They also do something even more harmful. They leak fluids that are rather abrasive. Your driveway comes into contact with fluids such as oil, gas, diesel, and coolant to name a few. All of the chemicals and fluids wear your driveway down faster than anything else could on top of the heavy traffic from your vehicles. That being said, you can protect your concrete while increasing its longevity, appearance, and value. This is accomplished simply by painting the driveway!

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Miami Painting Company delivers the highest level of residential painting Miami could ask for. One of these services is our driveway painting. This is a simple, yet tough task to tackle. We at Miami Painting Company want to walk you through exactly what to expect when we show up to take care of it for you! The process is as follows:

  • Inspect for Cracks: The number one item on the list is to inspect for all cracks and chips in the concrete. We will patch these spots to make sure the driveway turns out to have a uniform coat of paint that is appealing to the eye. Once our Miami Painters have patched these spots, we will move on to the next step.
  • Clean the Surface: Now that the patches have cured, we will clean all dirt and debris from the surface to be positive the new paint will stick. We are such thorough Miami painters that we will clean it twice just to be one hundred percent positive your product will be perfect!
  • Paint The Driveway: We have reached the most exciting part of the process. We will begin by mixing the epoxy accordingly. This mixture will apply a great seal and look to your driveway. We will apply one coat of paint to begin with. Once this coat has dried, we will come back the next day and apply the final coat. This double coat will contribute to the protection that is provided by the paint we use.
  • Clean Up: The final part of the process is to number one, make sure you love your new driveway. What’s the point of working for someone if they do not love what you give them? We promise you will love the new look when we roll out! We will clean up the project, and you will never know we were even there.

We at Miami Painting Company take pride in being the number one painting contractors Miami is able to use to serve its residents. We want to take care of you like no other company is able to. Call us today to take care of your driveway painting needs!

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