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On top of the vast number of other services we offer at Miami Painting Company, we are also able to add a fresh coat of paint to the brick and stucco that is included in or on your house. There are quite a few houses in the Miami area that include a façade of both brick and stucco. That being said, we have made sure to develop our skills for painting both types of surfaces. This allows us to deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

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Painting a Brick House

The look of painted brick is both a classic and a timeless look. However, most people are afraid of taking on the process due to the end product possibly not being what they wanted. This fear stems from a lack of knowledge the homeowner may have for painting such a project. Well, we are able to make absolutely SURE we deliver exactly what you are wanting in a painted brick house because Miami Painting Company is a professional company that knows how to bring to life whatever our customers are looking for. There are quite a few steps that you must take to ensure the painted brick surface will uphold to the elements and no paint will strip off in the future. We have outlined the process that we will utilize to accomplish this:

  • Surface preparation: Surface prep for such a project is likely the single most important aspect to accomplish. By properly cleaning the surface, we will be able to keep the paint from stripping off the brick within the next couple years as the weather and sun beat down upon the exterior.
  • Tool and Materials: Another critical aspect to properly completing this project is to use the appropriate tools and materials. We have invested quite a bit into the tools we use for our projects, so we are able to utilize state-of-the-art equipment to properly cover the entire exterior of the building. When it comes to materials, you need to use the appropriate paint. Specifically, a mineral or latex based paint that is specifically meant for use on masonry. This is another measure to take to make sure the paint does not strip in the future.
  • Weather Conditions: This one will not come as any shock, but you want good weather to complete this project. Obviously, no rain and minimal wind. You also do not want it to be too hot or too cold outside. This helps the paint we are using to stick better.

These are the main steps to completing an exterior brick painting project. By following these steps, our professional team will deliver the best house painting in Miami project you could possibly ask for!

Stucco Painter Miami

The steps to painting over stucco are rather similar to what we mentioned above when it comes to painting over brick. We have outlined the steps that we will follow to complete this project below:

  • Surface preparation: The process of surface preparation is very similar to surface prep for painting brick. We want to make sure the surface is clear of any debris that otherwise may cause the paint to not adhere to the surface. We accomplish this by thoroughly cleaning the surface to be painted with a brush or pushbroom.
  • Surface Patches: Stucco is notorious for cracking. Since this is a possible issue we could run into, we will make sure to patch any holes or cracks your project has. This will help to make sure the coat of paint looks smooth and uniform through the entire surface.
  • Prime the Surface: Stucco is a surface that will require a coat of primer to get us started. We will begin by applying a high quality acrylic primer to the entire surface. The acrylic primer will help us create a more adhesive surface for the paint to stick to rather than using a generic primer.
  • Paint the Stucco: Finally, we paint the surface! We typically apply two coats of paint to make sure it has the bright finish you paid for!

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